Nothing gives me more pleasure than being surrounded by amazing food and free samples. This is why I love Borough Market in London. Borough Market is the most renowned food market in London. Established more than 250 years ago, it is heaven for foodies with its cornucopia of fine foods from independent suppliers throughout the UK and beyond. As I walk into the market my heart starts pounding with excitement. The aroma is intoxicating as I find myself myself standing in the middle of fabulous chaos, surrounded by the most incredible selection of cheese, charcuterie, bread, ostrich burgers, oils and vinegars, preserves, cakes, patisseries and every vegetable you can imagine, not to mention the wines, beers and ales. You almost don’t know where to go first.




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I have to be very strict with myself when I go, its all too easy to get over excited and end up spending a small fortune.  Luckily most of the stalls are very happy to hand out tasters so you could potentially eat your way around the market and not need to buy lunch! You have to go early in the morning if you really want to take it all in. If you leave it until lunchtime it is annoyingly busy. You are surrounded by tourists with zoom lenses that almost take your eye out and mums with bulky buggies, not to mention people standing around munching on their purchases. The options for a meal and a beverage are endless. From paella to curries, chorizo burgers to ostrich burgers, scallops to pies, bubbly drinks to wheatgrass shots, its all there!




My favourite lunch, and something I can’t resist each time I go, is Brindisa‘s chorizo roll with red pepper and rocket. Absolutely sublime.


If you love food and you come to London, you have to go to Borough Market.

Open: Fridays 10am – 6pm and Saturdays 8am – 5pm

The nearest tube station is London Bridge.

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    The market looks absolutely AMAZING! We’re looking at returning to London for a few days this year and I will definitely put this on my list of must see places! Thank you for posting. =)

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    Totally agree with you, it’s a must for all foodies!

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