Last Wednesday I had yet another outstanding meal at Tsunami on Charlotte Street. I have been to Tsunami a few times since my best friend Carmen kept raving about their Clapham restaurant. I still haven’t been to the Clapham one but I’ve been to the West End site a few times now. And it’s the same two dishes that keep pulling me back like a bungee rope….the black cod and the truffle rib-eye.

I went with my good friends Paul and Heath. Paul is me…but in a man’s body. We like exactly the same foods and make the same noises when we love something!

Heath is vegetarian so we started with the vegetarian tempura selection. This included sweet potato, shitake mushroom, red onion, carrot and courgette. The tempura batter was light as air but still beautifully crispy.

Then we had the lamb cutlets served with daikon and kimchi chilli sauce. The lamb tasted wonderful – smoky, tender, sweet, hot and savoury all rolled into one!

Next came thinly sliced grilled scallops served in the shell with masago and creamy spicy sauce, flambéed with whisky. This arrived on a volcano of salt and on fire! And it tasted incredible! The sauce is just beautiful. Creamy, sweet and spicy. I could have had 3 of these to myself! The only thing I would say as a negative is that there is so much sauce, you lose the taste of the scallops. But the sauce is so delicious, I really didn’t care.

Then came my favourites – the black cod with miso which is out of this world. Soft and succulent texture with a beautiful sweet miso sauce. This is just divine.

And the rib-eye steak served with exotic mushrooms and a fresh truffle sauce.

This is an incredible dish. The chargrilled rib-eye is thinly sliced and medium rare with a beautifully smoky, charred finish. The combination of truffle and soy is like an explosion in your mouth. Its almost like a smack in the face, but in a good way! I am in love with this dish. Even Heath who is a vegetarian tried the mushrooms with the sauce and loved it. It truly is a wonderful dish and keeps me going back to Tsunami over and over again.

Paul and I couldn’t decide which one we loved more. The black cod or the truffle steak. The steak is like a slap in the face whilst the black cod is like a stroke of the face! I always make sure the person I go to Tsunami with wants one of those dishes so I can order the other. That’s why Paul is such a great dinner companion!

For pudding, we couldn’t decide what to have so we opted for the dessert platter for two.

This included the melting middle chocolate pudding (amazing), the passion fruit cheesecake (delicious), the lemongrass crème brûlée (tasted like the smell of the hot towels you get on planes) and a scoop of sesame ice cream and a scoop of passion fruit ice cream (nice, if you like ice cream)

If you’re looking for good Japanese in London but you don’t want to pay Nobu prices, head to Tsunami. The staff are friendly and helpful and the food is stunning.

Tsunami Restaurant, 93 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PY


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