Whilst on holiday last year, I had access to the Food Network UK for the first time, and I became totally obsessed. One show in particular grabbed my attention – Barefoot Contessa, featuring the wonderful Ina Garten. My friend and I fell in love with her. There is something so very warm and welcoming about her. She cooks simple, easy but delicious meals and cakes, and I love that nearly everything she makes starts with a stick of butter! Plus she always seems to be holding a large carton of heavy cream in her left hand…always the way to my heart.

There is a real calming quality about the way she talks and cooks. I feel very relaxed watching and listening to her. Nothing is complicated or fiddly, its just simple and elegant…from her food to her never ending array of table settings. She’s not frantic like some other TV chefs. She makes me think that I can make anything she makes and it will be just as easy and delicious as it its when she does it.

When she tells me it’s going to be ‘fabulous’, I believe her. She appears to live a fabulous life, in her fabulous East Hampton home, driving around in her fabulous car, to fabulous food stores, to buy fabulous ingredients for her fabulous meals that she shares with her fabulous friends. But she manages not to be annoying while she’s doing it. Take note Nigella!

I want to be Ina Garten. I want her house. I want her kitchen. I want her larder. I want her food mixer!

I have just ordered one of her books….‘How Easy Is That?’ so I will soon be testing out some of her recipes. I’ll keep you posted!

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