I had some friends over for dinner on Friday night and I made a selection of canapes for everyone to nibble on with their drinks.

One of the canapes was crostini topped with goats cheese and this hot quince jelly. I was in the John Lewis food hall in Oxford Street buying cheese last week when I spotted it. The lovely woman who was serving me let me taste it with a selection of their goats cheeses so I could make the best choice. I ended up getting an English goats cheese which was slightly more tangy and crumbly than the French ones.

This quince jelly added the perfect mix sweetness and spice to it. The sweetness was beautiful with the tangy cheese and the chilli added a lovely edge. There are so many sensations in your mouth as you are eating it, the chilli giving you a lovely warm finish at the end. The woman helping me initially suggested blue cheese with this jelly but I thought it went beautifully with the goats cheese, although I’ll be sure to try it with some blue this week.

If you see it in your local Waitrose then please give it a go. It really is a beautiful accompaniment to cheese. You could also have it with meats. It would be lovely with ham or even stuffed inside a chicken before roasting.

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