I was watching the Food Network yesterday, (surprise surprise) and Ina was on, as always. I have a deep love for Ina, or the Barefoot Contessa as she is otherwise known.  I have expressed my love for her before and always take great pleasure watching her programmes. Yesterday, in an episode I have watched more times than I care to mention, she was making up a surprise basket of food and drink for her friends and one recipe that really caught my eye was for this white hot chocolate.

As I sat on my sofa…transfixed, and with my tummy starting to rumble, I vowed I would have to make that hot chocolate, and so I did. Unfortunately I didn’t have Grand Marnier in the house but I had some Cointreau so used that instead. I have tweaked the ingredients a little as Ina’s version was almost a little too rich…and that’s saying something!

80ml/2.8fl oz/ 1/3 cup double cream
145ml/5.1fl oz/0.6 cup whole milk
100g/3.5oz white chocolate, I used Green & Blacks
1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste, I used Nielsen Massey. Or you can use vanilla extract (not essence!)
Splash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau

It was so easy…I poured the cream and milk in a pan and heated gently. As little bubbles appeared around the edge of the pan, I added in the chopped bar of white chocolate and stirred until it melted.

Then I added half a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. If you’re using vanilla extract you could add a teaspoon, or however much you like, its up to you and your personal taste.

Next I added a good splash of Cointreau. Its not needed, but it does give a nice kick at the end. Again, add however much you want.

I whisked it up in the pan and poured the silky, creamy drink into a glass.  Then I sat on my sofa, savouring every sip.

Its very rich and creamy and oh so comforting…like a warm, silken embrace. You can obviously tinker about with the measurements to make it just how you like it. If you don’t want a heart attack you can of course omit the double cream, but please try this out if you can. It makes such a wonderful change from standard hot chocolate and its perfect for a cold winter’s day.

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