You would think that after National Burger Day, I would have been sick of burgers but oddly, I was craving more burgers just a couple of days later.  (Yes, this is a VERY delayed post!) So my beautiful and amazing friend Cassie joined me in a visit to Disco Bistro in their King’s Cross Skate site, a pop-up roller-rink just off Granary Square. (Disco Bistro has since moved from this site so keep looking at their Twitter for their new site).


We met up on a beautiful summers evening and ordered two large lemon Pimms mojitos and some paprika popcorn.  Unfortunately a large group of people had arrived just before us so we were told there would be a wait before we could get our burgers.


No problem though, Cassie (below) and I parked ourselves on the deckchairs on Granary Square and caught up with all our news whilst watching children having fun running through the fountains.


Half an hour later we headed back to order our burgers.


Oddly, I was tempted by their vegetarian option…deep fried Cornish brie and portobello mushroom burger.  (I have a weakness for brie, as in no willpower whatsoever)…


Look at the size of it! Two large pieces of deep fried brie and two portobello mushrooms. This tasted exactly how it looks.  The broiche bun was soft and sweet, the brie was gooey and delicious and the portobello mushrooms were meaty and earthy.


Cassie went for their signature burger…perfectly pink rare breed beef patties, cheese, Carl Clarke’s special bun sauce and pineapple & bacon jam.



This burger is excellent. As you bite into the soft brioche bun your taste buds start to zing. Then you hit the juicy beef.  You can tell the quality of the meat straight away. The patty is cooked perfectly. Definitely one of the juiciest burgers I’ve had in a while, so we were glad of the wet wipes and napkins they gave us.

The bacon and pineapple worked really well together.  I was slightly worried about the pineapple as I’m not a huge fan of it normally but it really did work well in this case. I couldn’t really taste the bacon jam though, but maybe it was lost with all the other flavours of the burger.

We also ordered a side of sticky fried buttermilk chicken wings…


These were delicious, almost reminiscent of sweet & sour chicken actually.  Incredibly succulent chicken, sweet and sticky sauce.  Again, messy!

Once we had finished at Disco Bistro, we wandered round the corner to Caravan for pudding.


We propped ourselves up at the bar and ordered espresso martinis and this incredible dark chocolate tart with cherries and a brandy crème fraîche to share.


Yet another fantastic night out with the fabulous Cassie.

Keep an eye out for Disco Bistro’s Twitter for their next site.

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    All the food looks so delicious! Never had deep-fried brie before–sounds very interesting!

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