Not too long ago a friend of mine expressed mock disgust as he opened my kitchen cupboard and discovered two packets of Angel Delight – one butterscotch and one strawberry. Well, I think it was mock disgust anyway! He couldn’t believe that I could have such a synthetic dessert in my kitchen!

But I won’t have a bad word said against it. Angel Delight evokes wonderful childhood memories for me. My brothers and used I to love it when my mum brought it out after our dinner. We each had our favourite flavours – my favourite was butterscotch because it has the richest taste. Even now, when I’m feeling a bit down, I reach for it and it always makes me feel better. Not only is it comforting, it’s also light, fluffy, sweet, creamy and delicious. What’s even better, is that it can be ready in a matter of minutes and it only costs 47p per packet!

For those of you outside the UK, Angel Delight is a powdered dessert which, when added to milk, whisked and chilled, creates a delicious mousse-like dessert. It was launched in the UK in 1967 but it dropped in popularity during the 80s. In 1999, a revival campaign was launched featuring Wallace & Gromit and it is now the best-selling line of instant cold desserts and is sold in five flavours: strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, raspberry, and banana.

Although the packet recommends that it can feed four people, I tend to make one packet stretch between only two people, but that’s because I’m greedy! 😉

It also has a lot of celebrity fans including the chef Nigel Slater who mentions in his wonderful autobiography Toast, that butterscotch Angel Delight was one of his favourite desserts as a child . I have also read that Simon Cowell is hooked on strawberry Angel Delight. He, like millions of others, see it as the ultimate comfort food and apparently eats two packets a day!

The Irish comedian Dylan Moran, was quoted as saying, “You know it’s a sad day when your child looks at you and asks ‘Daddy, are these organic?’” “Organic? I grew up on Angel Delight. We didn’t have anything in the house if it wasn’t neon!”

Angel Delight will always have a place in my kitchen cupboard and a special place in my heart. And I defy any 80s child who doesn’t at least have fond memories of it, even if they don’t eat it as a grown up.  If you would like a bit of a flashback to the 80s, click here.

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