While I was in Mallorca last Summer, I was eating at one of my favourite restaurants, Los Zarzales in Puerto Pollença, when my friend noticed that they had started holding Spanish cookery classes in their courtyard. Their lovely head chef Cristian Escolar came over to speak to us about it and we booked in straight away.

When my friend Maggie and I got there the next morning, we were joined by a man called Frank, then Cristian told we were going to make a mixed paella and a vegetable tumbet (similar to a ratatouille). I have had their tumbet before and it is really delicious so I was very excited to learn how to make it.

The class was really interesting and informative with Cristian talking us through each of the ingredients and showing us how to make the paella and tumbet step by step. Once he had finished, it was our turn. Cristian made it a really fun and interesting experience and I would really recommend it to anyone who happens to be visiting Puerto Pollença.


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